About this blog

Matt’s Thoughts On is, well, simply thatmy thoughts on any given subject matter. One could read each post title as Matt’s thoughts on (subject). I’ll try not to get overly political as, generally speaking, politics just completely depress me. There are plenty of places online for politics and the discussion of; I’ll try not to make this one of those.

About Matt

I’m an artist. Whether my art is any good or not remains to be seen. I’ve created music for the last 15 years or so under the name ever after disaster, run the reddit-clone regular channel (closed), and released several open source projects on my Github page, most notably MiniPress, a PHP-backed static-blog generator and RegularBoard, the script that powered the aforementioned (now defunct) Regular Channel. The latter is still under development while the former has more-or-less stalled completely.

I spend much of my free time writing code that nobody cares about, creating music that nobody listens to, and throwing words into the electronic ether so that people I will never meet shower me in internet points that will never matter.

Contact Matt

You can email me at matthew.s.trevino@gmail.com or follow my rambling nonsense on Twitter. If you would like for me to write a piece of content for you, you can check out my gig over on Fiverr.

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I accept Bitcoin donations at 13wDH3voH8FmUdwAUeukBpQvkdLZVL3JZp or via Paypal at paypal.me/mrtrevino.

Donations will be put towards my daily necessities and help to fund future articles and pieces for your enjoyment. Of course, in lieu of monetary donations, you can also help out tremendously by sharing this blog with everybody that you know and commenting on the posts that you liked.



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