waking up in the morning

Wake up to a quiet house, the low electric hum of the bedside fan barely audible. Amble out to the kitchen to put the kettle on and brew the morning coffee while checking my phone for messages. One cup, one sugar, a bit of cream; pour the coffee into the French press, stir 100 times with a plastic spoon, press, and pour. Overstep the child gate meant to keep the dogs out of the office, set the coffee down at the desk, sit down in the swivel chair, and boot up the computer. So it has been, and so it will be, for the foreseeable future.

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being awkward

You remember, a while back, at the theatre, y’know, before the picture would start? That sound check for the stereo equipment would come on, and the noise, you know, that low hum, it would sound so far off, right? And it’d grow, and grow, and grow, as if you were walking up to this explosion just waiting to happen, all casual like. And, before you knew it, the sound was deafening, and your ear drums had exploded, and you’d have blood trickling down the side of your neck, and you’re looking around, confused. What the fuck just happened?, you’d ask yourself, as you bumble around, holding the sides of your skull as if trying to keep your brains from leaking out on to the soda-coated floor below your seat.

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writing things on the internet

The amount of time you spend forming an argument or perfecting a thought will always be overshadowed by the amount of time available to everyone else to the ends of picking apart your well thought out processes and forming an argument against you. This is not to discourage you; forming opinions is vital to our species. Just prepare yourself for the inevitability that somebody, somewhere, at any point in time, for whatever reason, may have a disagreement with you.

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